Airline & Advance Travel Statement

For ease in planning, teams who need to use airlines to travel or other modes of transportation (i.e Boat) to our Tournament will be given advance acceptance notification.

Please contact the Tournament Director, Mark Miskin for more information at:
Or at 781-888-6275

Paying by Credit Card or eCheck

The Needham Memorial Day Tournament Driven by Yokohama - Invitational and FC Boston College Showcase has 2 payment options.   

OPTION 1 - For clubs of 14 teams or less applying to the tournament, either by Credit Card or eCheck.
(majority of the tournament will register using this method)

OPTION 2 - For clubs of 15 or more teams.  Club will be given a voucher to register teams and then invoiced to make one single payment. 
please contact Mark Miskin at for registering by this method.
Payment submitted and credited does not mean your team has been accepted to the tournament.  If your team is not accepted a full refund will be made.  Credit Cards or eChecks will not be credited to your account until acceptances are made.

Correct Application Information

Please make sure your Applications are properly submitted and you have selected the correct:
  • Tournament Division either Needham Invitational or FC Boston College Showcase. (there is a price difference)
  • Age Group
  • Competitive Level
  • Format 9v9 or 11v11
  • Lastly please make sure you click "Submit" at the end.

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