Weather Procedures and Rules

In the case of inclement weather every attempt will be made to play all scheduled games in the tournament. At the sole discretion of the tournament committee some games may be declared a 0 - 0 tie and not made up. The following priority will be given to making up games:

  • Teams that have not yet played a game in the tournament
  • Teams that have only played one game in the tournament
  • Games that will have a material impact on the final standings; however all play is considered final even if games cannot be scheduled for a makeup.
  • All other games 

If inclement weather affects your game and it is rescheduled by the tournament, the time and field location then becomes final. Failure to play the game will result in a forfeit.

The lightning policy for the tournament is as follows:
At the first visible sign of lightning (regardless of the estimated distance from the field) all play will be stopped and players and spectators will be asked to move to a safe location. For all games that were in progress the game clock will continue to run. If time runs out and the game was at or past half time when play was stopped the result at the time of play being stopped will stand. If 5 minutes or less remain in the first half and the score has 2 or more goal differential the game will be declared final.  If the game had not reached 5 minutes or less before half time (in other words 24 minutes or less have played) every attempt will be made to make up the game at a later date and time.  

Play will not resume until 30 minutes after the last visible lightning is seen (regardless of the estimated distance from the field). When play is resumed the scheduled game closest to the time play is to resume will begin. For example if play is stopped at 2:50 pm and restarted at 5:20 pm the teams scheduled to play closest to 5:20 pm will play, NOT the teams scheduled to play at 2:50 pm. Every attempt will be made to make up the 2:50 pm game at a later date and time.
When play is stopped or resumed due to lightning it is at the sole discretion of the referees and the tournament committee and strict adherence to the above policy will be enforced by the referees and tournament officials. No appeals will be allowed. Personal safety is the number one concern of the tournament and it will supersede any game situation.

If weather prior to or during, curtails or cancels the tournament every reasonable attempt will be made to assure teams play but no refunds will be given.

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