About Our Referees

We know from years of experience running a quality tournament means you need to have good weather, good fields, committed volunteers, teams looking to have a competitive but fun experience and quality referees.

Here in Needham we know how important quality referees are to a tournament and we pride ourselves in bringing in some of the best referees available.  Below are some factoids of referees appearing in
The Needham Memorial Day Tournament Driven by Yokohama:

Referees from 12 states, Canada & Switzerland

Plus Three (3) FIFA Referees

Plus Four (4) National Referees

Plus Virtually the entire select list of officials picked for Region I ODP and USYSA Championships

Sixty five referees selected for USYSA Regional –ODP & National Championships delegations.

Plus 35 State Level Referees

Plus Our AVERAGE Experience is Ten plus years, 60% of our referees have NCAA or Adult experience or both.

Our Referee assigning staff has 3 Assignors, who have received the highest Massachusetts award as ‘Assignor of the Year.’

Various backgrounds

Three Life Members of the United Sates Soccer Federation, Two referees chosen to receive the Mass State Referee Committee “Spirit of the Game” plaudit-their most prestigious award.

Two Life Member of Eastern MA Soccer Officials Association.

The Referee Liaison for the DC United MLS club.

4 MA State Referee Administrators,

A President of MAYS League.

24 referees with Professional Experience

Two National Assessors.

One National College Assessor.

MA High School Interpreter, 18 College Officials,

Three (3) National Young Referees of Year winners,

Of the five Region I USYSA 'Referees of the Year', all have refereed at Needham. Massachusets Young Male and Female Referees of  the Year, All of the Massachusetts Young Referees of the year since 1993, have officiated at Needham.

Massachusetts State Cup Assignor, MTOC Assignor, a National Instructor- NISOA, Eight (*) Members of State Referee Instructional Staff;

Each year majority of Massachusetts USYSA Regional & ODP delegation to the championship series referee at Needham. All are chosen from over 6,000 officials, in highly selective process.

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