Grade Based Invitational

The Needham Invitational is opening a Grade Based section of the tournament for town teams who have now moved to this structure. This section of the tournament was created to cater towards Massachusetts town programs and any other states who have adopted the grade based structure. Our goal for this section of the tournament is to be able to keep teams together that are grade based instead of Birth Year.  The eligible grades for the tournament are: Grades 5 – 12/PG.

We hope this section of the tournament will either be the end of the year tournament for a lot of the teams around the region or a preparatory tournament for their state championships they have qualified for. These games are played on premier artificial turf and grass fields spread throughout the Needham Area and all relatively close to Boston, MA. Every team will play at least three games barring potential weather issues.

We do our best to rank and adequately put together even brackets to ensure competitive games. All our Invitational games are played with three referees and in order to make this section of the invitational one of the best you will find we have our games refereed by some of the top USSF registered referees in the country and from around the world. Overall the Needham Invitational creates a fun and competitive atmosphere for all age groups to experience.