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About the College Showcase

Our College Showcase is now a favorite destination for top-caliber teams from throughout the Eastern United States, Canada and England with plans to expand West and internationally. The East Coast and New England is a hotbed for Colleges – in 2008 we ran our first College Showcase which became an instant success with over 100 top caliber club teams and attended by 70 plus college coaches. The showcase has continues to attract college coaches from all over the USA.

In 2019 we will consolidate both boys and girls to one field complex utilizing the high quality college field complex at the University of Rhode Island in South Kingstown. This was done to utilize the best fields and to create the ultimate “showcase” experience being on actual college campuses, as well as easy accessibility to all games for college coaches.

Every team will play at least three games barring potential weather and team conflicts. We are a championship showcase so teams potentially have the chance to play 4 total games. We do our best to rank and adequately put together even brackets to ensure competitive games all around. All Showcase games are played with three referees and In order to make our college showcase one of the best you will find we have our games refereed by some of the top USSF registered referees in the country and from around the world. Overall the College Showcase creates a fun and competitive atmosphere at one college venue encouraging a “True College Experience” and exposure from D1, D2 and D3 college coaches.

Benefits of Attending the FC Boston Showcase: 

  • One location for both Genders
  • On a College Campus
  • Access to All Player Profiles
  • See a Diverse Group of Clubs/Teams/Players
  • Coaches Hospitality Tent