Yokohama’s Top Performers Program

2018 Yokohama Top Performers Program Overview

The Top Performers Program has been established as part of Yokohama Tire’s partnership with the Needham Memorial Day Tournament Driven by Yokohama to recognize two of the tournament’s players for their athletic excellence, sportsmanship, and commitment to community.

Yokohama and Chelsea FC are determining the exact prize that will be granted to these two winners. Exact details of the 2018 prize will be posted here when determined.

Player Selection:

The Top Performers Selection Committee administers the selection process for Top Performers Program. All final selections result from a collaborative effort and are made by the Top Performer Selection Committee.

Top Performers are nominated by their respective soccer club and are evaluated and selected on the basis of three criteria:

        Athletic Excellence – Standout performance within their respective soccer club

        Sportsmanship – Demonstrate superior sportsmanship with opponents, team members, coaches, and other club players

        Commitment to Community – Demonstrate a Commitment to community through participation in positive activities off the soccer field

Player Nomination:

The player nomination website will be published here and throughout the website when teams are accepted for the 2018 Needham Memorial Day Tournament driven by Yokohama.