Showcase Player Profile Instructions

This year we are using the GotSoccer System to provide player information to the college coaches attending our College Showcase.  As in the past, we provide college coaches with a Team Player Profile Book.  This Profile Book contains a one-page profile about the players on your team and all the College Showcase Games and Times by gender. The Tournament will then take care of the rest by printing this information for your team and providing it to the Colleges Coaches once they have checked in.


Team Managers – Please follow these GotSoccer instructions:

  • Log into your team’s account for the current tournament application under “Team Account” at Once you are in your account, click on “Roster”. This will be located on the Gray Bar at the top of the page.
  • All Rosters NEED to be updated for the Tournament regardless, as provided in the Team Manager’s Check-in Procedure
  • You can Add Players to your roster…
    • Once in the “Roster” section, scroll down and click on the “Add Player” button.
    • When you are in the “Add Player” section complete as much as you can, but make sure to complete the required fields.
      • Player’s Name:
      • Jersey Number:
      • Graduation Year:
      • Sex:
      • Birthdate:
      • Email address:
    • Then Click the Save Button
    • The page will update to show Tabs that allow you to add all:
      • Parent Information
      • College Recruiting Information
      • Event Attendance
      • Account Information
      • Emergency Contact
  • If you already have your Rosters Updated just make sure the College Recruiting Information is updated.
  • For the player profile books, only the rosters and the college recruiting information will be used and accessible to the college coaches. The other sections are very useful for keeping all of your team records in one place.
  • You will have the option of adding all of the information about each player directly, OR you can have the login information for each player sent to them and have them fill out the rest of the information.
  • Directions on sending login Information to your players can be found on player’s Account info” Tab.
  • Complete these steps for every player on your roster and for whom will be guest playing that weekend.

College Recruiting Reminders:  

  • Our Player Profiles only provide Basic Information as shown below.
  • If you have your own Team Profiles you can drop them off at the College Showcase Tents on the Fields – NOT AT TEAM CHECK-IN
  • Players should be contacting the College Coaches they are interested in directly and let them know they will be playing at our tournament, sending them times of their games and tell them their information is on the GotSoccer System.