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Detailed Registration Instructions

There are a total of 8-sections to register for the NMDT. The following screenshots and written instructions help make the process fairly simple. Please note that the screenshots below might have changed slightly in design as well as some of the information.

Step 1.) – Login/Sign-up

If you do not have a GotSoccer Team Account you will need to set one up first on our GotSoccer registration page. If you already have a GotSoccer Team Account all you need to do is log in via tournament on our GotSoccer registration page.

Step 2.) – Input Team Information

Step 3.) – Answer Questions Specific to our Event

Step 4.) – Team Roster

If you don’t already have it set up you can skip for now but it will need to be entered.

Step 5.) – Contact Information

If a coach has Multiple Teams you must spell the coaches exactly the same in each team account so games will not be conflicted during the scheduling process.

Step 6.) – Team Record

This is one of the more important steps so please be as specific as possible so our placement of your team will be precise and in the most competitive flight and bracket.

Step 7.) – Payment Entry

Please read the agreement and we only accept credit cards and e-Checks.

Step 8.) – Confirmation

You will also receive an email confirmation.