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Additional Instructions for Special Situations

Guest Players

  • Guest Players: Anyone using a guest player in the Needham Memorial Day Tournament MUST provide all required materials for proof of age, insurance from a USYS state entity or US Soccer Affiliate, and a signed NMDT Medical Release Form.

Guest Players who are not members of a U.S. Soccer Affiliate or USYS state soccer entity team:

  • Typically these players are guest players who play only for their high school or college team, or an “in-town only” team. In order for these players to be insured and participate in the tournament, they must be registered with a U.S. Soccer Affiliate or USYS state soccer entity. Check with your state soccer organization to find out how to do this in your state.
  • Alternatively, players may join Massachusetts Youth Soccer as an individual for a fee of $17.00.  Go to, Scroll over “Administration” then Click on the “Forms” tab, and select “Individual Member Registration”  to join online.  You must print and provide us with the confirmation of registration.

Teams from outside of Region 1:

  • Permission to Travel forms must be provided at check-in for teams outside of US Youth Soccer Region 1. Teams from Region I states do not need Permission to Travel paperwork.

Teams from outside the USA:

  • Foreign Teams: Players must present passports at check-in or, if from a nation that the US does not require a passport for, proof of entry into the US as required by the United States. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards. You must also present a completed form from your Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation in the tournament.

Medical Release form policy:

  • Medical Release Forms: A NMDT Medical Release Form are required for every player.  For legal reasons we are required by our tournament sites to utilize our own form; other standard liability and release forms cannot be accepted. No player will be allowed to play unless they have a signed NMDT medical release form. Teams who show up without the proper medical release forms will be prevented from playing until the required forms are completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian. This may result in a forfeit being issued for any games missing proper documentation.

NO Cast Rule

  • The NMDT has a NO Cast Rule and it is strictly enforced by our Referees, Field Marshals, Senior Tournament Staff, and the Tournament Director:
    • “Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to play with a cast of any type. There are no exceptions to this rule.”