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Team Check-In Information & Requirements

We are aware Team Check-in can be a challenge.
However, the NMDT was one of the first in the nation to implement our Online Team Check-in, called FastLane.
Thus, eliminating having to wait in huge lines.


Please Follow the Directions Below:

  • Download the 2024 NMDT Medical Release Form and disperse it to your Parents.
  • Follow FastLane Instructions
  • Review GotSoccer Instructions to upload documents
  • Review Any Additional Instructions

The NMDT Medical Release Form is Mandatory and specific to our tournament, no other league or association medical release form will be accepted.

General Information

  • On the Team Check-in Cover Sheet, you will be required to give us ONE on-site phone contact to be used in the event of a critical situation. This person will be responsible for contacting the rest of your team. This number should be available 24/7 throughout the tournament.
  • Be sure to have access to e-mail and the internet during the tournament. The schedule and other changes will be communicated via the tournament website and e-mail.
  • We will be randomly checking a small number of teams before games to ensure that all players on the field are rostered for the tournament, have medical releases on hand, and that player age requirements are met. A team that knowingly plays a player(s) who has not been properly checked-in via the tournament Team Check-in process will forfeit all remaining games and be removed from the tournament. No refunds will be allowed.

Team FastLane Check-In Requirements
1. Current approved league roster. Cross out any players not attending. You may write in guest players onto league rosters and provide proof of age and insurance from a state entity or US Soccer.

Tip: As long as you have room (see roster limits under Player Eligibility), it is a good idea to add players to the roster and submit paperwork for any player that you think might play for you at the tournament – this can save you from having to add a player, get releases, insurance, etc. at the last minute.

2. One form of proof of age for each player – listed below in order of preference:

a. Name and birth date on an official league roster OR

b. Name and birth date on an official pass-card OR

c. Copy of birth certificate OR passport (for these players we also need proof of insurance from a state entity or US Soccer Affiliate)

Please send ONLY ONE form of proof of age for each player– i.e. Please do NOT send a birth certificate if you have a pass-card or name on a league roster. This will help keep the size of the FastLane files reasonable.

3. A signed NMDT Medical Release for each player on your team. The form must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian. No forms other than the official Needham Memorial Day Tournament Medical Release form can be accepted.

4. Permission to travel form if you are outside of Region 1.

5. 2023 Manager Check-in Cover Sheet Print, complete checklist, and sign checklist. Use this checklist to make sure you have all the correct paperwork on hand.