The NMDT College Showcase – Team Hotel Guide

The 2020 Needham Memorial Day Tournament will be playing the Boy’s and Girl’s College Showcase at separate venues in order to create the ultimate College Showcase environment. With that being said:

  • The Boy’s College Showcase will be played in Easton, MA at Stonehill College
  • The Girl’s College Showcase will be played in Wellesley, MA at Babson College

Follow the steps below to help you book hotels depending on if you are playing in the Boy’s or Girl’s College Showcase.


Step 1.) View our Tournament Map which lays out all of our Field Locations and Partnered Hotels. Locate either Stonehill College or Babson College depending on the gender of your team and from there find your most desired hotel.

Step 3.) Click on the Hotel you desire to stay at and contact them directly stating you are playing in the Needham Memorial Day Tournament and you would like to book a room(s).

Step 4.) After your reservations are confirmed it is mandatory to input your hotel information into Gotsoccer. Click Here for Instructions on how to input hotel information into Gotsoccer.